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The Catechesis on Human Love or The Theology of the Body is a series of catechechical teachings given by Pope John Paul II.[1] It focuses on the relationship between man and woman, the Sixth Beatitude, and the spiritual life.[2] John Paul II taught the Catechesis during his General Auidences from 1979 to 1984, following the catechechical teachings of his predecessor, John Paul I.[3] Because John Paul II taught the Catechesis to the whole Church as the Pastor of the Church, it falls under the Ordinary Magisterium of the Pope.[4] The contents of the Catechesis include three Catechesises: the Catechesis on the Book of Genesis, which is about the relationship between man and woman; the Catechesis on the Sermon on the Mount, which is about the Sixth Beatitude; and Life According to the Spirit, which is about the spiritual life.[5][6]


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  3. Interview with Bishop Jean Laffitte on Theology of Human Love So, the interesting thing is that for the first time in the history of the Church the Pope, the successor of Peter, pronounced this publicly every Wednesday for five years … which means that there is an intention to teach something on the matter.
  4. Interview with Bishop Jean Laffitte on Theology of Human Love Significantly, the corpus of the Catecheses belongs to the Magisterium of the Church, even though it's not an encyclical or a dogma. However, it was the intention of John Paul II to teach on this matter as Pope.
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