Saint Patrick.

A common misconception is a widely held erroeous belief about something. Though some misconceptions no longer prevail, they nonetheless remain, are spread by people, and are presented by the media. This article will be dealing with common misconceptions about the Catholic Church, Catholicism, and all things Catholic.


  • It is believed Halloween is the syncretism of the Celtic festival of Samhein. The truth is that Halloween is All Hallows Eve, the Vigil (Eve) of All Saints (All Hallows). A vigil is the day before a feast, and All Saints is the feast of all the saints in the Church.

Popular PietyEdit

  • It is believed the Rosary is necessary for salvation, in light of private revelations. The truth is that the Rosary is not necessary, since it is neither the Liturgy nor Revelation.


  • It is believed St. Patrick was a born Irishman. The truth is that St. Patrick was a Roman-Briton who, because of his work in Ireland, became the Patron Saint of Ireland.