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Life everlasting


Everlasting life or life everlasting or eternal life or Divine Life or Heaven is everlasting communion with God in Jesus Christ in the Church Triumphant.[1][2] Everlasting life begins on Earth in mysticism.[3][4] However, Heaven is not to be confused with the spirit world found in various religions and cults.[5]


Beatific VisionEdit

The Beatific Vision is seeing God as he is - face to face - and, because God is Happiness Itself, it is supernatural happiness. The Beatific Vision begins immediately upon entering Heaven.[6] Christ enjoyed the Beatific Vision from his Incarnation as the God-Man.[7]

Ascension of ChristEdit

By his Ascension Christ has ascended past the angels and sits at the right-hand of God. He is the Way to Heaven and has given us hope for salvation, inaugurated his eternal Kingdom, and intercedes for us as our eternal High Priest.[8]

Assumption of MaryEdit

After her death, Mary, assumed into Heaven past the angels, stands before Christ to intercede for us as our Mediatrix.[9] She has shown us the way to Heaven, given us hope for salvation,[10] and is the image and beginning of the Church perfected in the world to come.[11]

Assumption of ElijahEdit

Because Elijah did not die but was assumed in a chariot of fire into Heaven, he will come again before the Second Coming to witness to Christ unto death.[12]

Angels and SaintsEdit

There are various choirs of angels in Heaven - Seraphim, Cherubim, the seven Archangels, etc. - who, together with the saints, endlessly praise God.[13]



The Catholic Church teaches that there is hope for the salvation of the unbaptized in light of Baptism.[14] In popular opinion, unbaptized infants go to Paradise or Limbo of Infants, a place of perfect natural happiness that exists on the edge of Hell.[15]


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